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I am deeply grateful for their compassionate care over the years at Eastway Acupuncture.


Reason for Visit: Emotion & Back Pain

I have been being treated by Yi Luo for 9 sessions so far with Acupuncture, Acupressure & Cupping. I have had chronic vaginal pain for over 6 years and have tried pain meds, various doctors, physical therapy, etc for years.


Reason for Visit: Pelvic Floor Pain, Vaginal pain, Post-operative Pain.

I was in severe pain in my right hand but by the evening I was 60% better from the 1st visit at Eastway Acupuncture. Today I don’t feel pain at all.


Reason for Visit: Carpal Tunnel, Digestion

Practitioners of Eastway Acupuncture & Wellness LLC are outstanding, compassionate and knowledgeable. They are excellent acupuncturists, Herbalist, and always take extra care for their patients’ health & wellness, they listen to how we feel and give us explanations.


Reason for Visit: Infertility & pregnancy, family health

I feel a good energy. My posture is more firm and relaxed – better posture! Shoulders are relaxed and my back feels more straight. I had a “scratchy” throat, and it feels better – also my sinus/head feels better supported. My legs feel good with much less tension too.


Reason for Visit: Immune System, Pain, Stress

I was in severe pain in my right hand but by the evening I was better. I now, suffer from numbness and tingling but no pain.


Reason for Visit: Carpal Tunnel

Yi is a very kind hearted. The nicest person that you ever met. You can express to her freely and she really understands your problem and treats accordingly. I went to Wellesley Center with lot of pain and she helped me to get rid of the pain (pinched nerve pain).


Reason for Visit: Pinched Nerve Pain

I’ve had migraine headaches my entire life that have gotten increasingly more severe over the past 18 years. I used to have 8-12 debilitating migraines per month. I’ve tried countless forms of treatment and visited many specialists, none of which have helped. Dr. Yi and her professional team of doctors have been amazing.


Reason for Visit: Migraine Headaches

I had been suffering from pain in my back and stiffness and numbness in my right hand for 6 months. I had herniated my C5-C6, C6-C7 discs years before, and inflamed the nerves by sleeping badly on an airplane. 4 sessions of acupuncture and acupressure have helped me a lot.


Reason for Visit: Pain and numbness in back and right arm

Practitioners of Eastway Acupuncture & Wellness have provided great care in diagnosis & therapies along with my cancer recovery & Lupus. Our family wanted a primary care doctor through them. All staffs show a great deal of respect for their patients.


Reason for Visit: Cancer Recovery & Lupus

Each practitioner is excellent, they showed great bedside manner, was knowledgeable, caring & professional in acupuncture, herbal medicine, lifestyle management & longevity care. My husband and I would recommend Eastway Wellness to anyone. In my opinion, they are the best acupuncture clinic we have been to.


Reason for Visit: Women’s Health, Uterus & Bladder Prolapse

They are wonderful doctors, our family felt very confident that each practitioner could help us with our health conditions and bring us to wellness and longevity.


Reason for Visit: Anxiety

Today is my 1st visit at Eastway Wellness, Brookline. I have felt better, pain relief right away with fire cupping, magnet cupping, the non-needle acupuncture technique at my first visit. Doctors and staffs are knowledgeable.


Reason for Visit: Low Thyroid, Sciatic Pain, Cold temperature/ Poor Blood Circulation, Loss Hair, Fatigue, Sinusitis, Fluid Retention, Edema, Spider Veins, Longevity

Eastway Wellness has a very friendly staff and provides a comfortable, laid-back atmosphere. At first I didn’t know what to expect, but I am very happy with the result. They helped relieve my stress and to maintain a healthy pregnancy as I experienced extreme nausea and digestion.


Reason for Visit: Infertility, Fertility, Sleep, Pregnancy Care, Stress Relief

With 2 weeks Acupuncture & Acupressure at Eastway Wellness, I have lost 9 pounds in one week. They have provided me nutrition / lifestyle advice & TLS weight solution program. I have felt wonderful after each visit at the Brookline office.


Reason for Visit: Weight loss, Edema on Legs, Swolleness, Stress Relief, Hernia, Energy Level

I haven’t felt so good in years as I have since being treated by Yi. Less pain, more energy and an overall feeling of good health! I so look forward to my sessions each week, they bring me such relaxation and peace.


Reason for Visit: Pain relief, General Health, Weight Balance

I have got some dramatic improvement results at Eastway for my post-stroke care. I came to Eastway Acupuncture & Wellness from not being able to speak a word to getting out some sentences very well. After 4 months acupuncture, herbal treatment and nutrition, I can get rid of my cane and walk much much better.


Reason for Visit: Post-Stroke Care

After 3 months acupuncture, nutrition and herbal therapy at Eastway , my fertility test came out well with good amount of sperm in great quality. I feel much much better in general, especially in sleep quality, energy level and facial complexion. Thank you very much for your awesome practice.


Reason for Visit: Male Infertility, Fatigue

I am honored to have Yi Luo as my practitioner. My recovery has been amazing. I am more than grateful after having treatment by so many other practitioners that I didn’t get the results I am getting now. I am almost completely recovered which I thought would never happen. Yi Luo truly listens.


Reason for Visit: Pain

Gum pain gone in 1st session! Thank you Sarah!


Reason for Visit: Foot Pain, Gum Pain

I went to Eastway for hot flashes that caused havoc with my daily life. After 2 treatments the hot flashes disappeared. Now I have more energy and focus. It has been a great experience and will return for tuneups.


Reason for Visit: Fibroids, Stress, Hot Flashes

Care is always professional and helpful. I always feel like I’ve just woken from a deep and restful sleep. Much healthier now. Thanks a lot.


Reason for Visit: Back, Men’s Health

It has been a very good treatment as this was my first treatment through acupuncture. I think that it has been quite useful and effective for my allergies. I know that I have improved with my symptoms especially for the nasal and food allergies. I was quite satisfied with my experience.


Reason for Visit: Food and Nasal Allergies

After one acupuncture/moxa treatment, my baby turned to the right position. It is very effective. I was very comfortable and relaxed. Thank you very much for everything at Eastway Wellness. I will come back for postpartum care and invite my family and friends to Eastway.


Reason for Visit: Breech Baby

Many thanks!! The baby flipped after your moxibustion treatment!


Reason for Visit: Breech Baby

From the first visit, Yi & her staff have been first class. My health has improved and I feel overall better. I appreciate everything that they have done for me.


Reason for Visit: Health Improvement

After five visits my elbow pain has improved immensely. The pain is almost entirely gone. Thank you very much Yi! My sleep is also improving.


Reason for Visit: Elbow Pain, and Sleep

I am feeling better with each session of acupuncture, acupressure, magnets, and blood letting. When I first began sessions, I had apronounced limp-using a cane, using stairs with difficulty. I now have no need for the cane and stairs are not as difficult anymore.


Reason for Visit: Hot flashes, Right Leg Fracture Pain

Pain has been much better. I have been able to take less pain medication. There has been slow improvement.


Reason for Visit: Pinched Nerves, Neck Pain, Right Arm Pain

After one treatment the knee pain dramatically improved.


Reason for Visit: Knee pain, Torn Meniscus

I no longer have back pain. Yi worked her magic on me, and the pain disappeared.


Reason for Visit: Back Pain

I have to admit I am a big mess. I go to school full time and work full time. I know my body has problems but never approached it. After coming to Dr Yi, I noticed an improvement in digestion, bowel movement, sleeping better, and less headaches.


Reason for Visit: PCOS, Sleep Problems, Depression, Stress

I had shoulder pain for a few weeks. After I came to Eastway Acupuncture & Wellness, and received treatment twice, and now I no longer feel pain.


Reason for Visit: Shoulder Pain

Since taking the OPC3, for the last month, my vision has improved. I no longer need to wear glasses!


Reason for Visit: Vision

I am at a pain level between 5-7 with no pain medications. This is after only two treatments. I have more energy and no longer waking up at multiple times throughout each night.


Reason for Visit: Stomach pain followed by Seizure

I am a fifty six year old woman who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer almost a year and a half ago. I began receiving acupuncture treatments from Yi Luo shortly after I was diagnosed and have continued being treated by her every week (often more than once a week).


Reason for Visit: Pancreatic Cancer

I have seen Dr. Yi for my second round of IVF. I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year and a half at a fertility center. Within 12 sessions, I felt more balanced and had a successful IVF and I am now pregnant! I can only say wonderful things about Eastway Wellness.


Reason for Visit: Infertility

Following one treatment, my migraine around my right eye was gone. No need for me to take any over the counter medications.


Reason for Visit: Migraines

Daily hot flashes have lowered in the past two days. I have had only three, as opposed to 10-12 daily hot flashes I experienced before Acupuncture. My sleep has improved as well, and the swelling in my leg has reduced and the redness has decreased in both legs. I feel amazing.


Reason for Visit: Swollen Leg/Hot Flashes

My neck and shoulder pain is gone. I sleep better and have more energy. I have been losing weight, and eating a balanced diet. Overall my well-being has improved, and I feel better.


Reason for Visit: Fertility/ Neck & Shoulder Pain

Shealyn was able to sit still at the table and can do her school work. Very-well focused during school days. She has shown improvement since her first visit.


Reason for Visit: Austism

The Psoriasis in my skin is gone. My lower back pain has also improved. Everyone in the office is very cordial. Dr. Yi Luo is very efficient with her diagnosis and treatment options. I am very confident having her treat me for any of my ailments.


Reason for Visit: Back Pain

Stress is improved; PMS is gone. Much less tension around PMS. I had it severe and it really interrupted my life and affected my morals. I am much less snappy during PMS and I have much less cramping overall from this. I am grateful!


Reason for Visit: Emotional, Fertility, Stress, and PMS Problems

I have bladder health problems. I no longer use a pad for leakage and my bladder control is back to normal.


Reason for Visit: Bladder Health Problems

I have experienced drastic improvement with one session and two weeks of Chinese herbal food/medicine. I came for gallstones, gall bladder pain and digestion problems. I am amazed that 99% of the daily constant pain is gone! And I feel great! Thank you very much!


Reason for Visit: Gallstones, Gall Bladder Pain and Digestion Problems

Sleeping at night, more relax in my back, the pain in my right foot is gone. Overall 50% much better.


Reason for Visit: Sleeping Problems and Pain

To date, I have lost eight pounds, which is my lowest weight loss in fifteen years! Everyone has been very helpful and I can really feel the impact of the treatments working. Plus I feel much better!


Reason for Visit: Weightloss

Feel very good after the acupuncture treatments.


Yi is fantastic! My wife and I have been trying to get pregnant for about a year and after one month of treatment with Yi, I am happy to report that I am pregnant. Yi really listens to what you need and gives you the best care and treatment you could ask for.


Reason for Visit: Infertility

Blood Pressure is lower.


Reason for Visit: Blood Pressure

I went into labor Monday afternoon and I didn’t have to be induced. We had a beautiful baby boy, who is just perfect. Thank you for everything!


Reason for Visit: Fertility

Fantastic results regarding sleep and face complexion. Sleeping more restfully throughout the night after many months of poor sleep. Similarly, my face had broken out for almost six months and after three treatments, I noticed major improvements, which my family and co-workers commented on.


Reason for Visit: Many Months of Poor Sleep

Since I have been going to Yi, I have noticed the following improvements: Better sleep, better digestion, less aches & pains in lower back + ankle. I have an overall sense of well being that I did not have before.

-Melissa H

Reason for Visit: Wellness, Digestion, Weight Loss

Shoulder pain, back pain 85-95% relief pain within 6 visits. Thank You so much!


After taking acupuncture treatment and isotonix nutrition formula, such as OPC-3, my deep stretch marks are getting less and disappear. My skin is getting soft and younger. Thank You.


After my meetings with Dr. Yi, I felt confident that she would be able to help me. I had my first treatment. We then discussed a plan of care for me. She made suggestions on how I could make small changes that would impact my overall health.


Reason for Visit: Leg Pain, Wrist Pain, Anxiety

Sleeping is improving. Much relaxed and happier. Thank you so much.


Reason for Visit: Sleeping, Stress Relief, Emotional Balance, Anxiety

Much happier, feelilng terrific. We are so please with everything at Easyway Acupuncture. Everyone is so friendly and they all explain everything that they do. I feel great and have no more back pain.


Reason for Visit: Lower Back Pain, Sleep, Stress/Anxiety Relief, Sweating

Allergy, headache, and ear hearing getting much better. Sinus are clearer. No headaches. More energy. Thank You. Thank You.


Reason for Visit: Headache, Allergy, Digestion, Stress Relief

Hands aren’t tight and swollen any more. After 2 weeks treatment, I used to have very bad arthritis and suffering with lots of pain. Spider veins are much relieved after acupuncture and poor blood releasing treatment.


Reason for Visit: Shoulder Pain, Headache, Stress Relief, Arthritis

I feel my sessions help significantly with combating, my stress and helps with decreasing my tension and headaches. My muscles feel an improvement. I am less constipated as well.


Reason for Visit: Neck and Upper Back, Lower Back, Stress Relief, Skin Condition, Hair Loss, Digestion, Headache, Blood Areolation, Muscle Tenderness

After the first treatment, I feel much better. I can move my arms and my hand easily. And I’m feeling stronger on muscle strength. I can lift heavy things now just after the first visit. Thank you very much.


Reason for Visit: Arms and Shoulder Pain

Sleeping better, but forget to move shoulder that caused shoulder pain. After today’s treatment for frozen shoulder, it feels much better now. Still working on reflex menopause and hot flashes feeling better.


Reason for Visit: Sleep, Frozen Shoulder, Menopause, Hot Flash

Treatments feel relaxing and tinnitus was somewhat subdued. Also suffered from neck stiffness and pain at bottom of skull. Treatment relieved the pain totally. Thank you.


Reason for Visit: Tinnitus

My sleep rhythm has improved substantially as a result of acupuncture treatment. Now I go to bed much earlier and wake up much earlier than in the past. Sleeping through most of the night has improved my energy levels.


Reason for Visit: Sleep Problems

Arrived in office with head congestion and ear congestion. After one treatment, symptoms were significantly relieved.


Reason for Visit: Allergy Congestion

After a treatment with Yi Luo, I feel very relaxed. My headaches seem to no come as often. She is very kind and gentle person.


Reason for Visit: Migraine

I was experiencing a tingling sensation in my lift big toe due to circulation problem from Diabetes stage 2, with two treatments from Yi the circulation greatly improved.


Reason for Visit: Stage 2Diabetes and Parkinson’s Disease

Energy level improved 60%, and I sleep better. It has relieved my symptoms. Tremor head/voice relief 50%.


Reason for Visit: Tremor

Seems to help with my anxiety but too early to tell if my sexual performance is improving but it seems to be helping.

-Ronald R

Reason for Visit: Anxiety and Improve Sexual Performance

Felt great upon leaving! Thank you!

Mary AG

Reason for Visit: Digestive Issues, Pain in Shoulder and Neck Areas

After 3 acupuncture treatments, my husband and I noticed great improvement (physically and emotionally). Thank you very much!

-Teresa D

Reason for Visit: Allergies and Sleep Problems

My hearing is totally doing well after 13 visits. There was a big improvement within 6 visits. My health is doing well again at Eastway. Thank you very much!!

-Louise S

Reason for Visit: Popping and Static Noise in left Ear, Taking Cholesterol/Thyroid Medication, Loss in Hearing 5 years ago

After using various creams, lotions, and steroids, and a special cream that Dr. Luo prescribed , which has worked the best. The eczema on my arms, hands, and neck cleared up significantly and no longer was itchy or inflamed! Miracle cream! Thank you so much!

-Kristina P

Reason for Visit: Skin Condition

Dear Yi, Thank you very much for taking care of me. My sciatic pain and knee pain anxiety are gone with your acupuncture. Thank you Yi for relieving the pain from these injuries, Merry Christmas. Best, Joe


Reason for Visit: Knee Pain and Anxiety

Yi, Thank you so much for all of your acupuncture care this year, it has greatly improved the health of out family. We hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas. Love, The Black Family

-The Black Family

Reason for Visit: Overall Health Improvement

Dear Yi, Thank you for your support for me and my son. We greatly appreciate your help. Your help is a blessing. Love, Helen R.

-Helen R

Dr. Yi is a wonderful acupuncturist. She is easy to talk to and wants to help you get better. I definitely saw improvement in my symptoms after treatment, especially for my allergies and pain around the bladder area. I look forward to more treatments. Thank you so much!

-Brenna M

Reason for Visit: Allergies, Lower Abdominal Pain

My lower back pain, hip and carpal tunnel pain is getting much better with pain relief and my energy level is improving a lot. My emotion (Stress and Anxiety) and digestive system is doing much better, you have been helping me a lot.

-Amanda A

Reason for Visit: Wrist Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Leg/Foot pain, Stress/Anxiety, Digestive Issues (3rd session)

Dr. Yi’s treatments helped relieve my chest congestion. The sessions were very relaxing and helped relieve tension in my shoulders and back. I feel it is very good for stress. Dr. Yi and her assistants are really nice and I really enjoyed meeting them and getting treatment.

-Hans W

Reason for Visit: Chest congestion (13 Sessions)

Pain relief- tried all sorts of treatments for over one year, went from constant pain to occasional pain, no limping. Can walk 1mile (used to limp but not anymore); 80% overall better. No pain medications for a month.

-Barbara A

Reason for Visit: Constant Hip Pain (6 sessions so far)

I came in unable to move and in a tremendous amount of pain in my lower back. After the first treatment, I was almost pain free and was able to move freely.

-John Cummings

Reason for Visit: Back Pain, Digestive problems, Disrupted Sleep, and Knots on Back, Overweight

Period comes much more comfortably now; stomach ache disappeared after low dosage of herbal food medicine; discomfort symptoms gone; periods good flow without pain now. Overall I feel much better after the acupuncture care at Eastway Wellness LLC. Thank you very much.

-Marie M

Reason for Visit: Infertility Treatment (8 sessions)

First and second session. Allergies better 90% (1st treatment); Allergies better 65% (2nd treatment). Bowel movement is better. Thanks.

-Brenna M

This is the 2nd treatment. I am surprised that this treatment has worked so well. I feel so much better. Thank you.

-Bonnie G

Reason for Visit: Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Energy Level

My stomach was sick and hot burning feeling, appetite was low and low energy. After one treatment with acupuncture and little herbal food medicine, I gained back my energy and feel well again. Thank you so so much.

-Marie C

Reason for Visit: Digestion Problems, Stomach Ache, Low Appetite, and Fatigue (2 sessions).

This has been the best part of my pregnancy. It was by chance that I found this wonderful place & wonderful treatment. At nine months pregnant I leave here feeling very energetic. I’m hoping after today’s labor induction treatment that I will naturally go into labor.

-Michelle O

Reason for Visit: Inducing Labor and Fertility, Energy Level, Sleep, Pregnancy Care

1st visit. Feeling better after the first treatment. Doing better with balance, sleep, and energy level. Voice of speech getting stronger, and double vision relief. Spider veins & redness on face getting relief.


Reason for Visit: Parkinson’s Disease; Balance Problem, Concentration

6 treatments to clear following: taking asthma inhaler less (20-30 %); Allergies cleared 20%; Poison ivy cured with acupuncture & infrared light.

-Aaron M

Reason for the Visit: Asthma, Allergy, Sleep

The 4th Treatment. Taking cholesterol/thyroid medication. Loss in hearing 5 years ago with my right ear. Having popping & Static loud noise in left ear over 6 months. After the 4th acupuncture & acupressure treatment at Eastway, the noise was completely gone. We hope to see you sometime again. Have a wonderful summer.

-Nona and Papa

Excellent! Very happy with the results. After each treatment, my pain & stiffness subsides. Also, my digestive problem has almost disappeared. I am able to eat most foods without having discomfort.


Reason for the Visit: Digestive & muscle pains, Stiffness & pain on left side of my body

Excellent results. My husband’s memory has improved. I have been sleeping much better. Both of our backs feel wonderful. Our overall health has improved along with our energy level. Thank you for your wonderful service! Many, many thanks.

-Elizabeth and Joseph

Reason for the Visit: Memory loss, Sleep Difficulties, Stiffness

It is an amazing experience with the Yi’s treatment of pain relief. My blood circulation is much better after the treatment. I am much happier and less stress without the pain now.


Reason for the Visit: Blood circulation, Pain

I feel wonderful after the treatment. It has made me much calmer and I feel less pain.


Reason for Visit: Pain

I was having severe pain from a bulging disc. I came to see Yi to help me with my pain, but also to help me replenish my health and strength. Yi was very diligent in helping me with my pain management.


Reason for Visit: Back, Arm, Shoulder Pain

I had been trying to be pregnant for six years, and I had imbalance hormone and irregular ovulation. I had tried all the Western medication treatments before asking help from acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines. Now, I am successfully pregnant after 3 months acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatments.


Reason for Visit: Infertility

I suffered with severe pain on my shoulders and back. My hands were feeling very numb. This is my first time receiving acupuncture treatment. Yi has used acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines for my condition, and within two months of acupuncture care, I am doing very well. Thank you very much.


Reason for Visit: Shoulders and Back Pain

Yi Luo’s acupuncture treatment is amazing. Finally, I found the healing method for my chronic pain relief and anxiety relief. Before having the treatment, I had severe neck pain back pain and anxiety attacks, but after the treatment, I am pain free.


Reason for the visit: Chronic Pain Relief and Anxiety Relief

The treatment was excellent – very relaxing and helpful. I became pregnant within 2 months and the treatment helped to give me a healthy and comfortable start to my pregnancy. We really appreciate your wonderful care, thank you very much again!


Reason for Visit: Infertility

Stress, anger, nervousness, and anxiety disappeared. I am a completely new person. I am used to feeling sick or bad, and it is very different to feel new and alive again. It feels great! I am very calm now; I used to smoke 12 cigarettes per day.


Reason for Visit: Stress/Anxiety, Stomach Ache, Smoking, Concentration, Palpitation

I was able to stretch my shoulder better & moved more freely after treatment.


Reason for Visit: Circulation, Painful Limbs, Digestion, Stiffness in Left Shoulder, Joint and Back Pain

I was amazed that after one treatment the pain in my leg was gone. I had lived with the pain for well over a year. My doctor said it would take a long time to heal over time and offered no treatment. This worked and I would recommend Yi.

-Erin C

Reason for Visit: Leg Pain from Joint to Ankle

Yi has been terrific!! She has helped me with my digestive concerns; additionally she is helping me with stress/anxiety and weight loss. She is very flexible with her treatments. Yi has a very calming way about her and I would highly recommend her to anyone.


Reason for Visit: Digestive Pain and Stress/Anxiety

Yi is a very great acupuncturist! Very nice, enthusiastic, and always helpful. My mom went to another acupuncturist in Boston and felt that the treatment there wasn’t as effective as Yi’s treatment. After one treatment, my mom can feel the difference.


Reason for Visit: Tingling, Numbness, Low Circulation, Chilling Pain in the left arm and Shoulder

I was very happy and surprised after the first treatment for my back and right knee. I didn’t know this type of treatment would help me. But after the first treatment, there was less pain in my back and knee. I also felt a gentle sense of energy in my whole system.


Reason for Visit: Back/Shoulder/Knee Pain

Yi is about the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. From the moment I first entered her space, I could feel how deeply she wants to help people. I left that first day amazed that she cared so much! Every time I go back, I can count on that same nurturing energy.


Reason for Visit: General Health

Yi has been doing blood letting on my legs. I no longer have the night pain. Also Yi used to the cupping for the nerve pain along my spine. After just one session, I was able to sleep at night without the awful nerve pain.


Reason for Visit: Back & Leg Pain

I was so pleasantly surprised that the tea and chicken broth tea bags helped the very first time to lessen my craving through the weekend. I actually dropped several pounds and felt less bloated. The cravings were dramatically diminished and I felt better.


Reason for Visit: Weight Loss, Control of Craving for Food

I have been seeing Yi for a couple of months now since August. She has been treating me for abdominal pain that western medicine has been unable to explain or treat. After just a few weeks of treatment my appetite returned and my pain has improved by at least 70%.


Reason for Visit: Abdominal pain

Yi was very gentle & sweet. She checked my tongue & hands & inserted needled which were painless. I will return for more treatments.

-Delores B

Reason for Visit: Arthritis, Hands

I am amazed at Yi’s knowledge of my body & pressure points that will help my medical problems. I will continue to work with her and do whatever she suggests. She is very knowledgeable.

-Lynne E

Reason for Visit: High Blood Pressure, Cough, Knees Hurt, Right Eye Blurry

Yi has a very kind and gentle way with children. She has seen Ethan, my 3 year old on several occasions. Since seeing her, his speech has improved dramatically. His speech is clearer and he is saying multiple sentences now.

-Ethan B

Reason for Visit: Speech

I enjoy Yi’s manner & service, I have found acupuncture to be just what I need to kick coffee for good this time.

-Katie P

Reason for Visit: Caffeine Addiction, Relaxation

Lost some weight and dropped sizes within a couple months. Reduced food portions, therefore I ate smaller amounts of food & various snacks. I no longer feel the same food cravings as before. Also, I can walk straight without limping or holding onto a rail.

-Earl MC

Reason for Visit: Blood Pressure, Back Pain, and Weight Loss

Treatments have left me with an increased feeling of calm, less stress and anxiety. Joint pain and back pain reduced. Benefiting personal & business relationship significantly.

-Maureen F

Reason for Visit: High Stress Level, Joint and Back Pain

I originally began seeing Yi for treatment of headaches. I suffered from headaches for most of my adult life. I went to the chiropractor to reduce the headaches but it was at a point where this treatment no longer worked. I went to Yi for a handful of times and have been headache free.

-Kimberly B

Reason for Visit: Headaches

The experience was worth the time to explore the different medical avenues. Please consider the treatment and believe that anything will work. I feel so much better.

-Elizabeth D

Reason for Visit: Left Wrist Pain

Greatly improved nervous system circulation, and alleviated major back pain due to herniated disc T9-T10. Big improvement to blood circulation, especially in my hands.

-Chris C

Reason for Visit: General Wellness, Back Pain and Migraines

Yi has been doing bloodletting for the spider veins in my legs. I have noticed that my legs no longer ache at night. She uses a tiny needle and wipes away the droplets. It is only a small pin prick and she is very gentle.

-Alice G

Reason for Visit: Back Pain and Leg Pain

Yi is so great with children! My son absolutely adores her and asks me every day when he is going to see her for his treatment. She is gentle, patient, and kind. And we have really seen some great results – more focus, and ability to follow through.


Reason for Visit: Digestion Issues, Focus + Attention, Balance, Overall Wellness

Yi helped me very much with my health problems, which I had been suffering from several allergies and skin issues that were interfering with my life. Yi’s treatment put my allergies under control. She also helped treat my depression and migraines.


Reason for Visit: Allergies, Depression

After my first treatment, I have noticeable improvement in arm strength. The pain over time improved significantly. What I was not expecting was how much healthier I became over all. My endurance, energy level, skin, and nails all improved. The Chinese herbs have added to my overall health & wellness.

-Karen Q

Reason for Visit: Shoulder Pain, Left Arm Numbness/Weakness

Feel much better in my shoulder. Yi has also treated me for my Hot Flashes, which are now under control. I am sleeping much better and feeling better all around. I also took the herbs prescribed by Yi. My energy levels & general health improved immensely.

-Lisa M

Reason for Visit: General Health, Shoulder and Hip Pain

Feel more relaxed about eating. My neck pain subsided. The herbal tea helps me have more control on my appetite, has enabled me to make better choices. The herbal path is very relaxing and makes sleeping better.

-Eileen B

Reason for Visit: Neck pain, Wellness, and Appetite Control, Weight and Stress

At the time I started acupuncture, I was going to a chiropractor. Once acupuncture therapy started, I cancelled my appointment with the chiropractor, and there were immediate results.

-John C

Reason for Visit: Chronic Neck Pain, and Left Shoulder Pain

Yi is wonderful. I had muscle tension from anxiety and the tension is gone & anxiety is much better. I have more energy and sleep better. She also helped me with my skin irritation and acne that was also result of anxiety.

-Holly B

Reason for Visit: Anxiety

I had chronic neck pain and these treatments have helped quite a bit. I will be returning in the future , if I ever have other pain issues.

-Patrick MC

Reason for Visit: Neck pain

It has only been three weeks of treatments, but I have not experienced a single migraine since I started the treatment with Yi. I am very happy to think that after ten years of migraine at lease once a week, that I have found a way to prevent them. Thank you.

-Rebecca J

Reason for Visit: Migraine, TMJ, Injuries, Stress

Since I started with Yi, the lymphoma on my face has reduced in size. She also helped balance my body, and I feel better with more energy. I have noticed a huge difference.

-Kari S

Reason for Visit: Reduce Lymphoma & Infertility

It has been a blessing for me to have met Yi and to have her treat me over the last 2 months. I have been treated for overall hormonal imbalance and pain associated with fibromyalgia. The results have been great! I have thankfully seen in a decrease in my pain, which has allowed me to participate in more physical activities.

-Maria B

Yi’s treatments work wonderfully. I feel so much better. I am so glad I found Yi.

-Alice G

I came to see Yi about hormonal imbalance, since having her treatments I have experienced less problems with PMS and Pre-Menopause Symptoms. I no longer have hot flashes, which I was experiencing along with breast pain. Yi has been such a huge help in getting me through this. A true blessing!!


Treatment is going well. Blood pressure is better, less anxiety, hand shaking is doing better, and I have lost some stomach weight.

-Neil P

Reason for Visit: Tremors, Balance, Bladder Health, Weight Loss, Emotion, Blood Pressure.

Amazing results! Back pain has been greatly reduced and I feel amazing overall. I have much more energy in the morning. Yi is a wonderful person and amazing at what she does.

-Mary C

I have known Yi for several years, since she practiced in acupuncture in Boston. Now that she has her own practice, I can take advantage of her services. Yi is good at “reading” a person’s bodily signs, and is very helpful in setting up a good plan of action. She has a gentle hand with her placement of needles.

-Diane D

I couldn’t move before, but now I can walk with a walker after three months of treatment. The treatment has helped me a lot! Thank you very much. I can travel to Asia and other states.


Reason for Visit: Cyst, Kidney, and Heart Valve Prolapse

One acupuncture treatment cured my allergies 90%. It is amazing. My eyes are clear and my breath is much better.


Sense of relief, relaxation, and calmness.


Fabulous work, very helpful information was given to me. I felt wonderful after treatment. I would recommend to others. Thank you.


Very good. I will definitely recommend Yi.


I appreciate Yi’s careful & professional care and treatments for my back and neck pain. Thank you for making me feel better. You are a very skillful and knowledgeable Acupuncturist.


I enjoyed my treatment. I feel very relaxed now. I hope I can continue to get more sessions.


Yi is a great holistic health practitioner. She is skilled at identifying one’s health & suggesting holistic treatments, which can help to improve your overall health & well-being.


Today I had a short session with Yi. I have never experienced Acupuncture before, but I am glad that I did! She analyzed my issues very accurately, and I will make a visit to see Yi again.


Yi Luo was very efficient + skilled at identifying my medical issues. I never had prior exposure to acupuncture, so I will visit her next week again to improve my overall health.


I felt some relief in my left knee. Hope to see more results as time passes.


I enjoyed my treatments. Yi gave me helpful information about the care of my body. I will definitely come back for another visit.


Thank you for your help! Without your care, my husband would not have recovered from his stroke. I have some customers at work, who have asked me about treatment, and I have referred them to you.


Since the end of this April, I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. In mid May, I was introduced to Yi for Acupuncture treatment. With the careful and professional care and treatments, my Bell’s Palsy recovered dramatically. I greatly appreciated her professional ability and her hospitality. It was a blessing for me to get to know her and to be treated.


After 1st treatment my back was great for the whole entire day and my energy was great too. Treatment felt great.

-Colleen M

Reason for Visit: Lower Back Pain and Skin Health

Essential Herbal oil & teabag for soaking help relief neuropathy (numbness & tingling) Energy level, sleep quality, & pain relief getting much better.

-Noreen MC

Reason for Visit: Neuropathy, Energy