HeNdi Bogart


Hendi graduated fromthe New England School of Acupuncture 2001, studying TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), including herbs, Japanese acupuncture, sound therapy and aromatherapy. The healthy flow of energy (qi) in the body gets disturbed bytraumas, stress, unhealthy eating and other unhealthy lifestyles. In her practice she tries to help clients realignthemselveswith the healing modalities she has learnedso they can return to their Original Nature which flows unobstructed with Universal Energy.

Hendi has had a passion for healing for many years.  She raised all her children with natural healing methods, hardly ever using antibiotics and drugs, only using them as a last resort.   She used holistic medicine which hasthe goal of healing at the source.  Acupuncturesupports the body's intelligence to heal and balance itself by giving the body information through the acupoints.