acupuncture milton

Discomfort and diseases are often caused by imbalances in the body.  Acupuncture is used to help reestablish balance in the body, while promoting the body’s natural energy, or Qi (pronounced as ‘Chi’).  Qi circulates in the body along channels, called meridians. Acupuncture influences Qi through needles inserted into points along meridians that stimulate energy and flow.  Once the balance is restored in the body, further therapy is used to maintain it, while minimizing the amount of stress on the body.  Sterile single-use disposable needles (no more than one five-hundredth inch thick) are used to improve blood circulation and reduce the local inflammation necessary for a successful healing process.  By improving the body’s functions and strengthening inherent weaknesses, the body can protect itself from many predisposing factors, which cause illnesses and ailments.


Cupping is part of our Acupuncture treatment that can help to relieve muscle pain and improve circulation. Cupping is very popular recently due to the Rio Olympics. The following is the one of the articles related to the cupping therapy: What is Cupping

What to Expect

First, your acupuncture visit will begin with a physical examination to find patterns of imbalance in the body. The practitioner will ask you about your symptoms and signs of the problems; Second, your body will be checked, focusing on your complexion, tongue and its coating; Third, the doctor will inspect various areas of the body and check the pulse in both wrists, which indicates internal organ conditions and whether the interaction between different systems of the body is well balanced; Finally, needles will be inserted in focal points, where treatment will be most effective.

Acupuncture needles are quickly inserted into the superficial layer of skin. Most people experience a split second sensation when the needle travels through the superficial layer of skin. Once the needle passes this layer, people may have various sensations, such as heaviness, warmth, tingling or numbness, which is normal if the needle has been properly placed in the focal point. No pain is caused by Acupuncture; in fact most people experience deep relaxation.