An eleven-year-old boy was diagnosed with severe Autism/Autistic Spectrum Disorder. He had a speech impediment, poor communication and cognition skills, and behavioral problems including aggression, irritability, hyperactivity, negativism, volatile emotions, temper tantrums, short attention span and obsessive-compulsive behavior. His parents accompanied him to my clinic for Autism treatment.

After one-month of treatment, three times a week, his parents and teachers reported that there were great improvements inhis behavior, concentration, and academics. After receiving treatment for four months, the boy received awards from school that he hadn’t achieved before. He had ‘B’s in his school report cards instead of receiving the usual ‘D’s. His parents were so happy to show us the first bright picture the boy painted for them on Valentine’s Day. They reported that the boy was behaving much better, and he could now greet and kiss his family members in the morning, which he had never done before. The boy also showed appreciation to someone, who had helped him. After half a year of treatment,his primary physician stated that he had shown significant improvement in his condition.


A seven-year-old had medium level Autism, ADD and severe headaches. Her pediatrician referred her to our office from Children’s Hospital of Toronto. Her symptoms included speech development delay, irritability, short attention span, fatigue, frequent headaches and bed-wetting. After receiving treatments for three weeks, her parents reported that the headaches and bed-wetting had stopped. The school teacher stated that she was paying much more attention in class and be was able to sit still. After four months of treatment, her parents reported that she could do most of her homework, and that she had much more interest in communicating with other children.

Eastway Wellness LLC offers both Acupuncture and non-needling therapies (magnetic, acupressure,moxabution and vibration tunic folk acupressure) for ADHD, Autism patients. Children with mental retardation, cerebral palsy, seizure, autism, ADD/ADHD, global developmental delay and delayed language development, all have been success to improve or cured at our clinic. Our treatment plan originates from the Yin/Yang theory, balance energy and improve blood circulation.