We have been giving acupuncture treatment to relieve Anxiety, Depression and Pain. There are cases with 92-98% improvement and/or with no medication needed anymore. Both in between and after completed treatments, patients willingly return to their community and work/study with confidence. They become able to take care of themselves and their families at a much better level. Patients learn the skills of relaxation and positive thinking to manage their emotions.they learn the skills of relaxation and positive thinking to manage their emotions, They are able to communicate more efficiently with their family and friends, gain more energy in health to move forward with their daily routines, and even set up goals to achieve more knowledge and a meaningful life

On April 2nd, 2016, we have provided acupuncture for a group of patients at an emotional support center / medical center in Framingham and Marlborough region. The patients exhibited symptoms of depressed mood, anhedonia, ruminations about past/ guilt / dying, loss of interest, retardation, hypersomnia, weight gain/ loss, hypervigilance, startled response, worries about the future too much, agoraphobia, muscle tension, fear of going out of the room/ house, irritability, apprehension, negative rumination/ worry, social withdrawal, distress, dysfunction, agitation, insomnia, gastrointestinal complaints, chronic pain, decreased concentration, fatigue and more.

Acupuncture treatment’s strategy is to regulate channels / organs of the liver and gallbladder; nourish kidney Yin, spleen, and stomach Qi; supporting Qi and Blood circulation; and blood cell’s quality level while implementing some detox in the lymphatic system, as well as regulate blood circulation and chemical balance in the head/ brain.

Formulated with 10 Acupuncture points, usually our practitioners usage of points within those: Bladder channel -10, Gall Bladder channel -18, 19, 20; Small Intestine channel 21, 22, 23; Stomach channel 8, 7, 6; Ren channels - 24, Bladder channel -3, 7, 9; DU channel -15, 16, 17, 21, 23; Stomach-36, 40, 43; Liver-3, 4, 5; Spleen- 3, 6, 8, 19, 12; Triple warmer channels- 3, 5, 7; Ear Acupuncture points on Shenmen; Point zero; Adrenal Gland.c, Pineal Gland, Pituitary Gland, Brain.C, Antidepressant Point, Lung2, Hippocampus, Gonadotrophins, Amygdala, Spinal Cord, Heart. E, Liver, Thyroid Gland. E, Spleen C., Psychosomatic Reactions, Uterus C. Hypertension, mega 2, TSH; Frontal Cortex, Limbic System, San Jiao, ACTH;

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Patrice from VA hospital. She mentioned her symptoms of PTSD, nightmares, nervous disorder, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and extreme fatigue. Patrice stated: “After the first 6-8 weeks my body started to calm down, be reduced in severity of pain and slowed pace and extreme of swelling. After the next 2-3 months the giant painful bruising disappeared, my energy started to return and I resumed a semi-normal day / night pattern and nightmare sleep disorders subsided. Longer term effects are still being worked out as my body detoxifiers and my elimination system normalizes chronic daily back pain or abdominal cramps have given way to episodic or on/off…….. Her experience with Eastway Wellness: I always feel warmly nurtured and cared for no matter how much pain or distress I show up with or how vulnerable, emotions or upset I have been at times. They are always gentle with me and sensitive to my needs. Because they are patient kind are reassuring with me it helps me to be patient, kind and accepting of my own self along my quirky path for healing and recovery. My road to wellness and rehabilitation is a long one and I am grateful to have Eastway on my time to change and grow with me, assisting and encouraging.

Sandy B. was in depression, obesity with 289 pounds and heavy smoker for over 25 years after surgery for her breast cancer. She attempted to commit suicide for over 8 times in those 12 years without success. She felt better after 2 acupuncture treatments. She is more cheerful and less angry. After around 10 visits of acupuncture, she lost weight to 210 pounds. Recently she lost weight to 167 pounds. She used to lay in bed all day and night. After acupuncture around 11 months, she developed her jewelry business and her business keeps growing. She sometimes uses her own money to treat acupuncturists to healthy snacks in Framingham. She is being more helpful to her family and friends, she shares her experience on how to overcome her suffering and how acupuncture had supported her. She quit smoking 5 packs a day, dropping it down to 2-4 cigarettes per day, occasionally even NON smoking for over 2 weeks. She always says that acupuncture is her health partner and wellness partner.

Julie D. and Jolena C. both recover from depression and anxiety with the support of acupuncture treatment. Both of them were disabled at home; they could not cook for themselves, nor could they even get out of bed. After acupuncture, they gained back enough energy to do some errands for themselves and families. They both went back to their job and sometimes even volunteers when Eastway hosts a health wellness seminar.

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