Roberta Lenard



Lic. Ac., MAOM, Dipl. Acup., M., Ed., MAT Certified Specialist

Roberta has enjoyed a long and varied career in the health and wellness field. She received a master’s degree from the New England School of Acupuncture/Massachusetts College of Pharmacology and Health Sciences in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, and currently practices in several locations around the Greater Boston area. She also completed a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science from Springfield College, and has been the president of Lenard Fitness and Associates for over 21 years. She was voted one of the top trainers in the United States by Vogue magazine and Men’s Journal. Additionally, Roberta was one of four personal trainers out of 1,000’s in Boston chosen to appear on a PBS special, “Get a Life” with Loretta LaRoche.

As a college heptathlete and later, a member of the national women’s rowing team, Roberta has always been fascinated by movement, alignment, strength and vitality, and seeks to refine these in each of her patients. Roberta uses neurological muscle tests to determine the areas of the body that need to be treated. Once the structure is in better balance, energy that might be stuck in other areas has the potential to flow more easily.

The beauty of Chinese Medicine is the possibility and opportunity to create symmetry and balance throughout the body, not just in musculo-skeletal areas, but also internal organs and systems. Roberta is continuously grateful for the tools, skills, and gifts available to acupuncturists, to investigate and diagnose according to the whole person, not simply symptoms. It is fascinating to see how seemingly unrelated conditions can actually be a part of the same pattern. That fatigue, digestive issues, insomnia, infertility and back pain may have a common root in some people, represents the wisdom and artistry of traditional Chinese medicine.

Roberta enjoys treating each patient as an individual, and compassionately guides and teaches them how to best care for themselves.