Eastway uses ear acupuncture or herbal seed patch to reduce the cravings and strengthen your efforts to quit smoking. Many clients have reported a 30-50 percent decrease in the craving of smoking the week after the 1st treatment. The treatments relieve physical or emotional withdrawal symptoms and support relaxation. Usually clients can quit smoking with 10 treatments in 2 months. Of course, if you are having difficulty quitting, the program may be modified to fit your needs.

Research states that acupuncture can reduce the stress and difficulty of quitting smoking. Our quit smoking program is specially designed for each individual.  It does not only help you to quit smoking, but also improves your health condition and immune system. If you keep the faith, our quit smoking program can lead to you to permanently stop smoking.

Get rid of smoking can be a hectic method, but with Acupuncture services it can be easy and effective. Most of the smokers have been got benefited from acupuncture method, so you should adopt it for maximum benefit.

Today, it is time to call Eastway and gather your efforts to begin a healthy and smoke-free life!