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Facial Rejuvenation is a procedure to reduce wrinkles, improve complexion, enhance muscle tone and produce collagen.  It can also tighten the skin around the eyelids, eyes, chin and jaw and skin pores.

The Eastway Facial Rejuvenation program includes three procedures: skin needles, facial massage, and facial skin cleaning.  Skin needles are hair thin needles that are inserted into skin along the meridian.  Facial massages can improve the circulation to your skin and rejuvenate your face.  Facial skin cleaning is the procedure to clean and rejuvenate facial skin.

Eastway Facial Rejuvenation Services are safe and natural ways to achieve healthier, younger looking skin. It is not a surgical procedure.  Clients report their skin having better color and less puffiness in cheeks and under the eyes after their first treatment.

Treatment Courses

Appointments of 60 minutes can be scheduled weekly for 8 to 12 consecutive weeks, then once per month for maintenance. Please contact us for details about the program.

Best Possible Results from Facial Rejuvenation:

  • Results may be seen after just a few treatments
  • Eliminating fine lines
  • Decreasing the size of deep wrinkles
  • Reducing bags under the eyes
  • Tightening the skin around the chin and jaw line
  • Eliminating puffiness
  • Reducing droopy eyelids
  • Moisturizing the skin
  • Effects can last for years with regularly scheduled maintenance treatment


$100 per visit.

Acupuncture is the best way to reduce pain into your body, acupuncture keep you health and rejuvenate. If you're looking for acupuncture, Eastway wellness is the best choice for you.